The Story

Aderelles is an initiative aiming to help in the empowerment of women escaping prostitution in India. By providing employment and a proper salary we create an opportunity for these women to get a happier life and a brighter future.

In the Red Light districts of Kolkata, India, thousands of women wake up to a reality without dignity, pride or self-worth. It is in the middle of one of these districts where we, in October 2014, started the Aderelles sewing project.

A total of thirteen women are now involved in sewing our products. These women are both former prostitutes and daughters of prostitutes who would otherwise be forced to sell themselves to earn a living.



Aderelles’ first products are cushion covers made from materials with unique structures, patterns and colors. The design is made in Sweden, and the sewing is made of the women in India. The special jacquard pattern in the design Topsia is knitted in two layers, with filling yarn in between for a bulky effect. The metallic details are made of Lurex yarns.
The designs Tara, Soni and Madhu are printed on a linen/cotton mix.

Each product has been signed by the woman who made it.




Aderelles is run by Andrea Djurle, and was started in 2014 as a school project at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås.